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TXK CD-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane – Single Girder (1-100 ton, Lift 6-36 M)
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Jual TXK CD-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane – Single Girder (1-100 ton, Lift 6-36 M)

Spesifikasi TXK CD-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane – Single Girder (1-100 ton, Lift 6-36 M)

TXK CD-type Wire Rope Hoist with Overload Protection for Warehouse Usage

3 Years Worry-Free* Warranty – includes Spare Parts, Service & Preventive Maintenance

* Terms of Warranty:

  • Unit must be installed by PT. LGA, any intervention by technician other than PT. LGA's authorized technician will void the warranty.
  • Only covers normal usage condition, not covering physical abuse, fall damage, over-capacity, over-current & customer fault damage.
  • Result of our evaluation of warranty are final. In case we found the damage is due to physical (fall/excessive force), over-capacity, over-current (from customer main supply), unauthorized technician intervention, and/or customer fault, all spare parts and service fee will be charged to customer.

Product Description

CD Electric Wire rope Hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment,which can be mounted on single beam bridge crane and single beam gantry crane and jib crane. Light weight, small size, compact structure, and stable operation. It can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage areas and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions. CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist has only one normal speed, which can satisfy normal application.

Protection: Load limiter, Traversing limiter, Low electric power limiter

Spare Parts:

1. Reducer:

Installed as an independent part, convenience in maintenance & service.

2. Control Box:

Fire Stop Device which can cut off the circuit in case of emergency to ensure operation safety.

3. Cone-shaped motor:

Lifting motor is higher starting torque tapered brake rotor asynchronous motor, need no extra brake. Insulation is B-grade, Motor Protection Grade is IP44.

4. Button Switch:

Handle control: light and convenient, compatible with two kinds of control: ring control and wireless remote control

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