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TXK Euro-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane - Double Girder (1-100 ton, T/A 6-36 M)
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Jual TXK Euro-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane - Double Girder (1-100 ton, T/A 6-36 M)

Spesifikasi TXK Euro-type Wire Rope Hoist Crane - Double Girder (1-100 ton, T/A 6-36 M)

1-100Ton Double Girder TXK Euro-type Electric Wire Rope Hoist

3 Years Worry-Free* Warranty – includes Spare Parts, Service & Preventive Maintenance

* Terms of Warranty:

  • Unit must be installed by PT. LGA, any intervention by technician other than PT. LGA's authorized technician will void the warranty.
  • Only covers normal usage condition, not covering physical abuse, fall damage, over-capacity, over-current & customer fault damage.
  • Result of our evaluation of warranty are final. In case we found the damage is due to physical (fall/excessive force), over-capacity, over-current (from customer main supply), unauthorized technician intervention, and/or customer fault, all spare parts and service fee will be charged to customer.


1. Designed and developed according to FEM standard, advanced and beautiful exterior;

2. The drive units use advanced squirrel cage asynchronous variable frequency motor. Compact structure, easy to operate, and maintenance-free;

3. It is safe and efficient to operate, and meet requirements of low noise and environmental protection;

4. Adopting 13 proprietary technologies and frequency control for achieving reduced impact force in order to accomplish precise positioning;

5. Equipped with intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder like a “black box” on plane which can continuously record working status and prevent unprofessional operations.

6. Maintenance-free design of whole body and less wearing parts for convenience in repair & service.

Spare Parts

1. Hook Block: Safety bolt as the standard configuration made by special mould and adopts high-strength low-friction rope to reduce damage to wire rope and lighten the weight.

2. Wire rope: Imported high quality wire-rope, adopt high-strength steel wire rope with galvanized surface-plating, high breaking force and good flexibility (2160/mm2)

3. Body Structure: Adopt mould stamping and steel plate bending to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service life and quality of the structure.

4. Motor: Three-in-one motor imported from Germany. Three in one system integrated by pole-changing professional hoisting motor, brake with electromagnetic disk type, reducer with high rotating speed and high-durability gear tooth surface ensures silence and the best safety grade for the hoisting mechanism.

5. Three-in-one: Three-in-one system integrated with frequency-conversion professional motor, ensures silence and the best positioning accuracy of travelling mechanism.

6. Adjusting limit switch: Adopting customized imported four-level limiting stopper to achieve gradual speed increase and also two-dimensional brake to ensure safe & reliable operation.


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